Myself 4 Life Coaching Testimonials for Jackie Langhoff


Becoming my best...

Jackie – Simply a person who showed me techniques for knowing the Best about myself. A coach who shows me how to become my best person – the one with the future I always wanted. Each call is a reminder, and a practice, of making change permanent, positive and stress-free.

~ S.C., Bloomington, IL

Insightful and caring...

Jackie provides an emotionally safe environment to share my thoughts and concerns. She has a genuine warmth and care for people that shines through in her coaching practice. Jackie has amazing insights and knows how to me ask just the right questions to get me to uncover, discover and make changes in my life that are practical and tangible quickly. I walk away after every session with gold nuggets of tools to help me in my life!

~ L.M., Grandville, MI

Breaking down the overwhelming...

Jackie helped me identify minor obstacles in my work environment. Her questions allowed me to come up with my own ideas and arrive at my own solutions. I was able to hold myself accountable knowing that she would ask me how things went everytime we talked. What was most helpful is that Jackie was able to work with me to break down several overwhelming projects in different areas of my life that were happening concurrently. Once I was able to identify and list tasks that were involved, we set goals so these things would no longer keep me awake at night with worry. She really helped me gain perspective and as a result, I was able to accomplish a great deal in a short amount of time.

You rock!! Thank you for all you do.

~ D.C., Columbus, OH

Finding calm in chaos...

Jackie has a way of helping people me find calm in the storms of my life. Her strong sense of intuition coupled with an ability to analyze information gives her a unique perspective as a coach. She is often able to hear not just what I said but also what I didn't say and am experiencing at a deeper level than what I expressed. She is skilled in assisting me develop strategic plans in order to accomplish what I truly desire. Throughout the coaching process her insight, encouragement, knowledge, and patience have been invaluable to me. Jackie has a wealth of knowledge and resources. She has been an important link in connecting me with people and resources to enhance my personal growth and achieve my goals.

~ J.C., Gladwin, MI

Looking at things from a fresh perspective...

Jackie is an amazing coach! In her calm, warm manner, she asks questions that allow me to really figure things out. Jackie helps me to view things from a different perspective, and to question long-held beliefs that just weren't working for me anymore. She is supremely supportive and wonderfully wise, and I always leave our sessions with new clarity and a feeling of empowerment!

~ T.C., Columbus, OH

Helping me grow...

Working with Jackie has been amazing. After a coaching session with her, I feel more relaxed and balanced, and more confident about my goals. She has an amazing calming affect and has a gentle curious way of asking questions, guiding the discussion, as well as challenging me to grow beyond what I think I'm capable of. Jackie is also very intuitive, which really helps when trying to identify what is really going on, and helping me be clear about what I'm really experiencing and what my goals are. Her skills and affect, have really helped me be more at peace with who I am and where I am, which is helping me let go and release so that I can be more open to the opportunities and possibilities, which have been opening up in the process of working with her!

~ R.K., Columbus, OH