Myself 4 Life

Stop surviving.
Start thriving!

  • Have you ever found yourself wondering where the day, months or years have gone?
  • Do you feel that there isn't enough time to do all things you want to do?
  • Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with what life has thrown at you?
  • Do you need help to manage your stress?
  • Are you ready to be more present and enjoy life?

Someone who knows, firsthand, what it means to move from surviving to thriving, Jackie Langhoff works with clients to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones! In 2005 Jackie was unexpectedly diagnosed with thyroid cancer – a diagnosis that for most would have stopped them in their tracks. For Jackie, cancer was the unexpected, energetic wake-up call that inspired her to forever change her life!

Jackie is passionate about helping others look beyond powerlessness to create a healthy and balanced life. Jackie’s creative, positive approach encourages clients to make sustainable change around the 4 dimensions of health: mental, physical, social and spiritual. She can assist you to move from surviving to thriving to:

  • Purposefully direct and focus your life around the things you value most;
  • Passionately enjoy spending quality time with family and friends;
  • Powerfully place yourself at the top of your priority list;
  • Presently live with time and energy each day.

Photo of Jackie LanghoffA graduate from one of the most prestigious international coaching schools, the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), Jackie partners with her clients to transform their lives through rapid and sustainable results. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and has completed post graduate work in counseling.

Jackie has extensive experience creating workshops and is comfortable training both large and small groups. She is a motivational speaker who combines humor with practical, doable steps to take action! She has successfully run three small businesses, both past (Toddle Inn daycare) and present (Myself 4 Life Coaching and Jackie, What’s Cooking? personal chef services). In addition she has over fifteen years of experience in technology.

Jackie truly understands what it means to create sustainable work/life balance. She knows how to combine the best parts of creativity, intuition and logic to make things happen. Jackie will partner with you to take control of your life with a customized coaching program to help you shift your focus from surviving in life to thriving in all aspects of life. Give her a call today at (312) 834-4535 to learn how coaching can help you.